Trithigmostoma cucullulus Mueller, 1786
Trithigmostoma cucullulus; a cyrtophorid ciliate trying to ingest a diatom (but failed), specimen from (3)
Trithigmostoma cucullulus; specimen from with ingested diatoms (2)
Trithigmostoma cucullulus; same specimen, focus plane on the dorsal brush and pattern of the alveoles in the cortex. (2)
Trithigmostoma cucullulus; crop of the above image: dorsal brush. (2)
Trithigmostoma cucullulus; juxtaposition of two images of the anteror part of the same specimen. Upper image: focus plane on the basal bodies of the cilia and the pattern of the alveole. Lower image: focus plane on some rows of circular structures which may be mitochondria. Alos conspicuous is the different optical appearance of the oral basket, which is birefringent and therefore is light or dark dependent from the orientation relative to the polarizing light of the differential interference contrast (DIC) of the microscope.
Trithigmostoma cucullulus; another specimen from (2), dividing stage. The yellow arrows point to the two oral baskets (one for each future individuals). The green arrow points to the one of the adoral membranelles. (1)
Trithigmostoma cucullulus; Crop of the above image. The green arrows point to the exits of the contractile vacuole. The vellow arrow points to the adoral membranelle. (1)
Trithigmostoma cucullulus; another specimen; focus plane on the macronucleus (Ma) and the dorsal brush (DB) (1)
Trithigmostoma cucullulus; another specimen; feeding on diatoms that grow on the green alga Cladophora sp. (4)
location: Gevelsberg, Stefansbachtal, pond (1); Haspelmoor, Bavaria , sphagnum pond (2); NSG Unteres Odertal; Teerofenbrücke (3); Wetter-Wengern, NRW, Germany; bicycle path, ditch (4)
habitat: periphyton (1) (2); (3); between algae (Microspora sp.) and Diatoms (4)
Date: 29.10. 2010 (1); 04.04.2012 (2); 13.05.2018 (3); 08.02.20202 (4)
freshwater life
marine life