Stentor roeselii- division
Stentor roeselii; specimen with mucilagineous sheath inside a nest of iron oxidizing bacteria. The unusual oval-shaped macronucleus indicates a dividing specimen. More information conc. S. roesellii here>>> (3)
Start of observation: t= 0´
Stentor roeselii; dividing specimen; focus plane on the long adoral membranelle zone. Cilia in metachronic movement. The new oral region of the daughter is already developing on left side of the image.
t= 12´
Stentor roeselii; dividing specimen; the adoral membranelle zone moves away from the oral region of the proter.
t= 24´
Stentor roeselii; dividing specimen; focus plane on the macronucleus which has already elongated at this stage of division.
t= 34´
Stentor roeselii; Stentor roeselii; dividing specimen; half an hour later the macronucleus is ribbon-like (3)
t= 60´
Stentor roeselii; dividing specimen; detail of the connection between the two cells, focus plane on the macronucleus which is already very thin at the location where the two cells will separate.
t= 94´
Stentor roeselii; dividing specimens, fully stretched;
t= 97´
Stentor roeselii; during the whole time of the division from time to time the specimen contracted extremely fast creating a momentum that might be able to separate the two cels..
t= 104´
Stentor roeselii; the two cells are separated.
t= 105´
Location: Hattigen, Felderbachtal, pond
Habitat: plankton/ neuston with leafs
Date: 18.11.2020
freshwater life
marine life