Nassula ornata
Nassula ornata: prefers to eat cyanobacteria, which make the cell appear very colorful at different stages of digestion. (4). Nassula ornata my be confused with Nassula picta, which is smaller.
Nassula ornata: specimen from (5).
Nassula ornata: specimen from (3).
Nassula ornata: specimen from (2)
Nassula ornata: two aspects of the same section of the same specimen, different focus planes. The upper image shows the optical plane of the oral basket (OB) and macronucleus MA). The lower image shows the cortex with the ciliary rows and (a part of) the hypostomial ciliary band (synhymenium, arrowheads).
Nassula ornata: detail of the hypostomial ciliary band.
Nassula ornata: compressed specimen. Visible is the oral basket and the macronucleus. It seems as if in this morphospecies the oral basket consists of two cylinders of rods: an outer cylinder of heavily twisted rods (slightly visible on the right side) and an inner cylinder of straight rods.The "ring" that is mentioned in the "Ciliatenrevision" by FOISSNER is not visible in this morphospecies, but at the outer part of the oral basket the rods are thicker (see images below).CV: contractile vacuole; Ma: macronucleus; OB: oral basket; Tr:fusiform extrusomes (trichocysts). The arrowheads point to some parts of the hypostomial ciliary band.
Nassula ornata: Two images of the oral basket, different focus planes. Compressed specimen; most of the cortex and cytoplasma has been rinsed off with destilled water on the slide. Left image: focus plane on the outer cylinder with twisted rods; right image: straight rods of the inner cylinder. Both cylinders have a thickened structure at the top which seems to be porus (arrows).
Nassula ornata: focus plane on the fusiform extrusomes (trichocysts). (1)
Nassula ornata: contractile vacuole (1)
Nassula ornata: oral basket (OB) and excretion porus (arrowhead) of the contractile vacuole (2)
Nassula ornata: dividing stage with two oral baskets and two macronuclei. (2)
location: Stefansbachtal Gevelsberg, Grünes Klassenzimmer , pond (1); Wahner Heide near Cologne (2); Felderbachtal, forest path (3); Plabennec, Bretagne, France; pond (4)
Habitat : rotten leafs of the yellow flag Iris pseudacorus (1); detritus (2); ephemeral puddle (3); between plants (4)
Date: 06.4.2008 (1); 06.06.2009 (2); 06.09.2018 (3); 13.08.2019 (4)
Location (5): Fondotoce, Verbania, Piemont, Italy; pond
Habitat (5): periphyton (click to enlarge >>>>)
Date (5): coll.: 08.10.2021; img.: 11.10.2021 (4)
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