Rotifera XVI: Rotifer Workshop, Zagreb, Croatia, 2022


This is the overview of the workshop to be held on Sunday, 04.09.2022: "How to Get Nice Rotifer Images". All the materials which are presented here will also be availabe at the workskshop on USBl.

All images here on the plingfactory are all edited with Photoshop, so based on the experiences with this app, the workflow at the workshop will also be based on it.

However, as I have recently discovered, many of these steps and image processing can also be done with GIMP, so working with GIMP will also be a topic at the workshop. Since GIMP is available free of charge as an open-source project, it is advisable to download a GIMP-version for the corresponding OS and to have it ready on the computer which you will use for the workshop.




01. Morning: lectures


01.1.Lecture: Sample preparation & hardware

download pdf 90MB

01.2.Lecture: image processing: workflow, software

download pdf 40MB



02. Afternoon:



02.01. practical works

02.01.01. Sample preparation

Making a micro-aquarium. More on this here >>>

02.01.02. Water layer thickness

More on this here >>>

02.01.03. Hardware / Oblique illumination

Kreutzblende/ Rheinberg

  02.02. Image processing
  The topics presented here are only a range of what could be done in the workshop. This will of course depend on the needs of the participants and the apps available and how the different apps can be combined. The material needed for the exercises presented here is provided for download in the individual sections. This is an introduction to the image processing in the workflow that I use for my images. Image processing is done by apps like Photoshop. In this workshop we will also use the open source app GIMP.
There is a manual for the exercises in the image-processing workshop based on Photoshop. You can dowload here >>>
A manual for the exercises in the image-processing workshop based on GIMP is soon to come.
02.01.00. Monitor test

How good is your monitor? Download test file >>>

02.01.01. Image positioning and crop

Download image here >>>

02.01.02. Image processing tools: clone and eraser

Download image here >>>

02.01.003. Histogram

Download some test images

Verlauf-1bit   Philodina citrina
Verlauf-2bit   Insect-wing
Verlauf-2bit_mod   de Beauchamp
Verlauf-3bit   Landscape-h
Verlauf-5bit   Landscape-n
02.01.04. Tonal range/ Contrast enhancement

Use the histogram to control contrast enhancement

02.01.05. Layers


02.01.06. Highpass filtering

Download image "ML_full 600" here

02.01.07. Removing background gradients

Download image "Euchlanis dilatata" here

02.01.08. Sharpening an image with highpass filter

Download image "Euchlanis dilatata" here

02.01.10. Removing chromatic aberration by highpass filtering

Download image "Euchlanis dilatata" here


Download some test images:

Macrotrachela aculeata   Rhinoglena frontalis
Euchlanis dilatata      
02.01.11.Applying a scale bar

Download image "scale" here

02.01.12. raw vs. jpg

click on images to download

16 bit TIFF
8 bit jpg