Some microorganisms from the Wupper, NRW, Germany, 2022

In the "BergCountry" in the vicinity of the city Wuppertal (NRW, Germany) several red algae can be found; one of them is  Torularia atra (Batrachospemum atrum) which can be found in the river Wupper near Muengsten. The population of this alga is characterized by a very dense "Aufwuchs" of epibiontic autotroph organisms like diatoms and other green algae, but also by heterotroph organismal like sessile ciliates like Pseudovorticella cf chlamydophora; Pseudovorticella monilata, immobile rotifers like Ptygura cf crystallina and a rotifer community that is typical for algae in lotic waters like Philodina megalotrocha or Euchlanis dilatata,

Torularia atra

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Cocconeis sp

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Pseudovorticella chlamydophora

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Campanella umbellaria

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Cephalodella gibba

Cephalodella gibba is a very common rotifer that is omnivorous. More on this here >>>

Cephalodella sterea

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Euchlanis dilatata

More Euchlanis dilatata is one of the most abundant species in this sample (≈ 50 Ind per 50ml) on this here >>>

Ptygura crystallina

One of the sessile rotifers on Torularia. More on this here >>>

Philodina megalotrocha

One of the most abundant rotifers on Torularia. More on this here >>>